Why read magazines.

why do we:  read magazines?
fashion magazines?
flip through until we reach the editorials?
look to photo shoots for limitless inspiration?

i wish i could go to school dressed like a photo shoot.
dressed like an artists muse.
dressed like a french bourgeoise.
its not halloween its maximum inspiration.
its fashion to the max. before you leave the house don't take off that accessory you weren't sure of .. leave it on.
that hat you've been eyeing while you've been getting ready.... put it on.
those shoes you think would be too flashy with you're outfit..... slip em' on.
people in school highschool elementary and yet to find out about college. but i feel like its all so mainstream people dress like mannequins.
safe. typical.
i want people to step out of all of it and wear what they imagine not what they grab out of routine . what do you think they would wear?
what would you wear?

this is what i would wear:

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