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Patrick Demarchelier 
Born near Paris in 1943 to a modest family, he spent his childhood in Le Havre with his mother and four brothers. For his seventeenth birthday, his stepfather brought him his first Eastman Kodak camera. Demarchelier learned how to develop film, retouch negatives and began shooting friends and weddings.
In 1975, he left Paris for New York to follow his girlfriend. He discovered fashion photography by working as a freelance photographer and learning and working with photographers such as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Terry King, and Jacque Guilbert. His work drew the attention of famous clientele.
He later worked for Vogue and Harper's Bazaar, first in September 1992 which resulted in a 12-year collaboration. 
Demarchelier has lived in New York City since 1975. He is married to Mia and they have twins. Since the late 1970s he has shot the covers for nearly every major fashion magazine.

He is an incredible photographer that knows how to shoot the human body.... if you ask me thats his specialty 
He's Shot for

American/British & Paris Vogue

Rolling Stone






Louis Vuitton


TAG Heuer


Yves Saint Laurent


Calvin Klein

Ralph Lauren


Marie Claire

20 Ans Magazine

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