alright so lately i've been thinking of all the wonderful things i need and want.
you know how it is.
you wake up in the morning and you get dressed and while you're getting dressed you wish you had one thing to wear or one accessory to piece your look with.
it's the worse cause all you want is that one thing right and you can't/ don't have it.
well recently i have encountered this problem far too many times, especially since i bought the most amazing pair of jeans and after wearing them like twice they're so loose i'm constantly pulling them up. (Belts)
so i have decided the things i NEED like "legitimately " (not really but kindof) need are a pair of gorgeous Doc Martens. oh you which ones. the ones Agyness Deyn is always seen wearing. the classic black work boots... mmmmmm yum.
Belts i need belts. black ones , brown ones, plain ones, busy ones, white ones, cream ones, red ones. i need belts.

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