Back To School : Shoes

Fall Winter 10' : Footwear.

As I previously posted the Fall Winter 10' Trends there are also standard popular footwear for the upcoming season. They are as follows. 

Converse - The Classic Sneaker
Simple and comfortable they're a perfect walking shoe. They're a perfect sneaker without giving you the running shoe look.  whats even better is they come in every possible colour combination. On the website they even have a tool which allows you too crete your perfect converse. There really is a shoe for everyone.

Birkenstocks - The German Wonder
The shoe known as the Jesus sandal or the Mom sandal, the shoe that is just so comfortable that you cant help yourself. Birkenstocks may not be "in-style" but it's the shoe that is never not popular. Once you buy your first pair and wear them to ruins you need a second pair. Worn with wool socks or bare footed they are gold. However , note: Never wear them with white socks its not cute.

Rubber Boots - Stylish and Practical
I have not seen anyone wear rubber boots for what seems like the longest time. They just seem like the Shoe that i want to make a comeback. I'm pulling for you Wellies. And the great thing about them is that they are so basic that you can get them in any print and any colour. whether it be Chinese Laundry Leopard print or Black C Print Coach  you can get them in the colour to suit your style and your personality.

Sorel Winter Boots - The Original
I find that winter boots are always the hardest to shop for. you always want boots that look stylish but keep your feet warm. When your young your mom always insists on the ugliest boots she can find. Well  these Sorel are great. They are comfy warm and the spitting image of snow bunny, but not the trashy kind.

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