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So today i feel disgusting, severely sick, i want to be tranquilized .hmm.
my shoulders are sore my calves hurt. and i've had hot and cold sweats for a few hours..
Please make me feel better.
So today while is was feeling fantastic i surfed the internet like it was my job and i came across a really cool ANTM photo shoot.
Cycle 15: they were transformed into famous designers and had to embody the designers.
Well surely one of the girls dressed up as Christophe Decarnin.
& by seeing her most shit fuck impression of him i realized how much i love him.
SO punk.

Balmain: one of my favorites.
he reminds me of a more high end grunge version of DKNY.
his clothes are absolutely brilliant.
there literally are no other words for him.
he's so bizarre but strives in his element he's a brilliant weirdo.
Cathy Horyn who slammed Balmain's collection all i can say is "Please Shut up?"
So i just wanted to give you a brilliant peek at his work.

S.O Fashion

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