there is hair on my chest.

so today is probably going to be filled with lots of homework and boredom, as of currently i have no desire to get up and go to school. i just want to sit here.
i'm thinking about dying my hair. i also need to get christmas gifts for people.
 or at least think about hat i'm going to get people, seeing as i'm on a slightly "tight as the pole up judge judy's ass" type budget.
yet to be determined. 
i am tired i just ate, i need to drink my coffee and i need all the little babies who visit this blog to go like the facebook page ! 

i just made it so painfully easy for you, don't be a wanker.

i'm going to dye my hair or a tleast do something fun with it because i'm tired of what i got, i used to have fun coloured hair and now it's plain.
 i need a quick fix.

i like what's being served.

want this whole outfit she looks so cozy, i need prints for winter !

oh i look forward to the life ahead.

love this picture hahaa so funny when they change it up, even barbie gets wrinkles.

S.O Fashion

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