Lipp me, mm feels good.

so i love nail polish.
my parents get angry at how often i change it.
and well being the connoisseur of nail art, i wanted to share with you a great nail polish i found and some of the nail designs i admire.

 "happy birthday" by Deborah Lippman is the nail polish too have. it dresses up any outfit and adds personality too any outfit.
its the currently the Balenciaga bag of the nail polishes.

it is impossible to find however i've got a link for you that will get this collectible into the palm of your hands and onto your finger tips.

Happy Birthday Fuckers.

Love this one . 

S.O Fashion

p.s : i'm so fuckin OG


  1. I've never quite looked at nail polish like this before, and I fucking love it, thanks KK xo

  2. oh btw, have you tried the "new" crackle polish that I've seen at work? If so has does it look on??