Painting a dears face purple.

So for November 2nd i decided that i wanted to do similar makeup too my logo. 
i've always lied what it looked like and so i thought what better than too be "S.O Fashion" for the day.

i used a LancOme Lipstick - Cinema Noir
and a Maybelline On the mauve.

i used Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara, which is better than Dior.
and a white eye liner by Gosh on by bottom tear line to open my eyes.
Furthermore i applied Elizabeth Ardens Ceramide Lash extending treatment Mascara on my Lower lashes.
which consequently opened my eyes even more.
But sadly, i learned  that i am not one of the people who can pull of the doey eyed look , so i looked like an oversized doll... aha

so the best way i can describe how too dress too pull this look off is too keep the rest generally subdued.
do not try to emphasize everything otherwise you'll look like a clown. 
be tasteful, greys, navies etc. 
keeping the rest of your outfit plain

also on my face i used cover FX, Powder FX in M40.

try it you might fall in love.

S.O Fashion

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