one tanned betch.

so yesterday i was watching Beverly Hills 90210 and thy're all skinny and tanned.
well seeing as i can't shrink my figure i thought i'd be tanned today ahah.

i applied my FAVOURITE bronzer.

Honestly if you need a bronzer that is going to make you look like a sex bomb go out and buy:

 Guerlain's Terracotta Light Sheer Bronzing Powder. - Blondes 01

slightly very expensive but very worth it. this is my second one. 
my parents would bot be pleased to know that is costs around 60$ ahaha.

seeing as i don't currently feel like doing a video because people are home and they'll think i'm crazy for talking to myself, i took a picture!

i am one tanned betch.
note my face and arm do not match ahaha.

furthermore today i applied a little bit of liquid eyeliner on my top lashes, black eye liner on my top tear line, and loads of mascara .

S.O Fashion

p.s: Dear Guerlain please send me free bronzer ? 

* close curtain*

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