So i am going to a wedding this coming saturday and i'm pale.
and by pale i mean i'm white sans a glowww.

that's a problem.
working at shoppers drug mart has gotten me a great deal of samples and this was one of the testers that i had.
i was using Jergens Face self tanner for medium skin tones but it wasn't doing anything. 
so i dug in my little bag of testers and pules this sucker out.

applied it and i already look more tanned.
i am going to buy more and apply this shit to my entire body.
it SMELLS incredible !
like oranges and candy, and it is a mix between a gel and a lotion/ serum, great texture, and the best part is it smoothes your skin out and leaves you with a softer texture.

needless too say i give it ★★★★★. 


the BEST self Tanner, kicks Lacomes Auto Bronze in the butt.
"For a more refined skin texture, silky skin and a sun-kissed complexion all year round, let yourself be tempted by SKIN RENEWAL HEALTHY GLOW CARE, the 1ST ELANCYL skin-beautifying daycare product to combine a skin renewal action and a progressive sun-kissed effect for a natural glow.

Radiance and hydration** guaranteed."

S.O Fashion

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