Reminding myself where i come from ..

Read this and then close your eyes and think about it like an indie kid. aha
I just wrote this post and i feel like such a Hippie.

You know.. sometimes life swallows you into its chaos. it literally takes you in and holds you as its captive for a little while.
and while it's got you in its madness you change.
we transform into the chaos.
but once we're let go we start being ourselves again.
but the whole trouble with this is we sometimes forget who we originally were.

i know personally with me i either become super cold to everything and just wanna be bad and fuck shit up for fun.
and then the other time i want to just stargaze to Delicate by Damien Rice or interpretive dance to Florence and the Machine or Ingrid Michaelson.

and sometimes i wonder which "half" of me would have better results in life.
i sort of sound like i have multiple personalities disorder , i don't .. i just have a different way of looking at things.
but anyways lately i can fully say i have been unemotional and uncaring and then just this recent hour i've been doing things that are more like the other things i like to do. and it feels good.
listening to thoughtful musicians like the Rolling Stones.

and classics like Bob Dylan. they make me want to fly.

Just whats been on my mind recently .

Bad ass Insensitive

A Straight Shooter who is just here for the Party that makes you like you can do anything and not get in trouble.
and even if you do get in trouble you don't care.

being able to see that someones eyes are so unemotional that they can look right at you and you can look at them and see nothing.

Music Appreciating Interpretive Dancing Life Lover.

What i look like when i listen to Damien Rice.

Filling tents with these and looking up and seeing more than what you're looking at.
feeling like William Miller in Almost Famous when his sister tells him to light a candle.

realizing how great the party is when you can fully enjoy classic fun for what it is, Unfiltered fun , without bullshit.

S.O Fashion

Find Yourself & Breathe in the Music.
What I want is what I've not got 
What I need is all around me.

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