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Alright so FORD models recently as in today posted Michael Kors' Resort Collection 2012 and to be honest i haven't really decided if i like it or not.
Michael Kors has always been great at designing collections that revolve around a lifestyle of yachts sexy and arabian nights. luxury and high class comfort.

however this collection to me just doesn't exactly fit.
it may be because of the photography or the styling but it's either too much or not enough.

not enough thought , or just too much poor impulse.
& whats most funny is that i know the photographers and the creative direction of the brand could photograph the pieces brilliantly but here i don't feel as though they're displayed in a fitting manner.

some of the looks i like but some i'm not a huge fan of.
love the armhole and the neckline cut but the rest seems manly and flat.

Love this look, with hair down and black wedges this look could be fierce fierce fierce,   yes i know it sort of reminds you of a potential halloween inspired look but realistically its all about how it's styled, aka minus the super thin, pale model this could wrk .

not loving it, surfing ? no, but even if you were would you do it in a skirt? no 

nice jacket wrong season ?

like the look could be nicely photoged.

unflattering sweater with the pants, pants are nice but wrongly paired, and the model isn't doing much for the look.

LOVE this suit, michael kors has been brought to life in this bathing suit. black and gold = chic and glamorous. the roman wrapping of the belt screams 007 sex kitten goddess.

this on the other hand sort of screams Grandma

these pictures would be 500% better if they were photographed not snapped, unsure as to whether or not they were going for this particular look i feel as though they need to be made more lively or maybe the garments need to be fit differently.

S.O Fashion

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