Take me, steal me, spy me, kidnap me, tie me.

Well it has been quite the length of time since i have Blogged. capital B bitches
i suppose it's because there hasn't really been an abundance on my mind.
i've Fallen in love with red accessories. like this TRIWA Watch

my expertise tells me it retails for approx.230 CAN.

alright so today was a mega bomb day at Co-OP. the day was just good ya know, just a really good day.
and then i came home and things were far from peachy.

they were like a burgundy. fiery and dark ahah.
people were feeling moody and i'm feeling too tired too be nice and have to put up with grouchiness. so i have dipped to the security of my bathtub.
and then while i was busy turning into a mermaid i was thinking what the most possibly exciting thing i could do it.
i decided SPY.
go figure right ahah.

i actually fuckin love it. technology, secret identities, fake passports, drugs, crime, sexy criminals. it all just seems so dreamy, doesn't it ?
ye it DOES .

id pretend to be a Burlesque dancer in order to Spy on the russian criminals and then follow them sneakily getting very important INTEL.

i'd be covered in Bad Ass girl tattoos that just make me look dangerous. 

i'd be the cool London girl smoking on the corner, the one who nobody assumes.

i'd seduce and destroy, luring bad criminals into my fatal hands ahah

i would love to live a cool secret life.
 but then i remember that it's all fantasy.

S.O Fashion

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