marriage is a sham.

so i vow to do something creative or fashionably productive either for myself or for my blog today... maybe aha

well i really want to accomplish something because my day was fucked and completely ruined aka shit today.
so i feel as though i need to do something today. doesn't really matter what it is aslong as i feel as though i did something
whether it's:
 being a bad ass mutherfucker smoking in the kiddie pool or..
 smoking so many drugs that i'm high off my ass or..
doing something completely wild and out there with my makeup that i wanna cry to do my excessive creativity or...
 carve some muther fucking crayons that clearly depict how pathetic of a life i have or potentially...
i could be the most "indie-est" (new word for you Weber's Dic) thug life livin kid ever and paint something ridiculous that makes me people smile.

to be honest i just wanna fuckin do something ugh. how this day has turn to shit aha
maybe i'll sew or draw... or carve some crayons ahah
whatever it may be i vow to show it to you tomorrow *smile*

S.O Fashion

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