Chapie Chapie Chapters

Alright so yesterday i went on an adventure because well i just did .
i went to Chapters etc..

and well books are such an easy thing for me to allow myself to justify.
i'm reading, reading is good. there justified BaM!

so what i purchased at chapters was. Bon Magazine, Dress to KILL, Z!NK, & last but 250% not least is Kelly Cutrone's NORMAL GETS YOU NOWHERE.

i'm exceedingly happy with my purchases and am currently enjoying every letter of Kelly's Book.
although i havent gotten ridiculously far she's already far more brilliant than any of the fucks in this world, myself included *sigh*
she literally says things that seem slightly outlandish but quite smart, things such as "fuck whomever you want whenever you want wherever you want "
i love it because she's a mom and although some of her advice seems whorish its empowering to females.
ex, its not that we're fucking whoever we want whenever we want, just that we're doing whatever we want and we need to be true to what we want to do and ourselves aha.

well anyways i'll keep you posted on the book but thus far i don't have complaints.

S.O Fashion

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