boredom too death.

alright so today i am extremely bored, went to the hairdresser with my maj and it took her a whippingly delicious 2 hours to get her hair did.
too long.

came home munched on samosa's and salad. delicious.
and then i realized, life in ths small town is super boring, like there is nothing to do.

and then i decided to light a bunch of candles in my room , string some romantic christmas light and put on a mask.

i've decided i want to have a masquerade for my birthday.
i want it to me a crazy S&M Rihanna like video party. everyone wears a mask and lingerie, we dim the lights and people just forget about life and go wild.
dancing, loving,hating. i feel as though we need a party of the century.
A masquerade Saints n' Sinners Party
it'll be fun.
well i got all excited and started taking pictures due to my excessive boredom,cool right ? ahah no.

masks are sexy, provocative and empowering, try one on.

"i just want your kiss boy i just want your kiss"
"hey hater sign language"
anyways go get a fucking mask and put it on, its fun , playing dress up is fun so is dressing down.

S.O Fashion
p.s : yes i realize this was a waste of a post and of your time, however you chose to read it

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