Coasting, Floating For Tomorrow and the Day After

so i'm just sort of in a state of float right now, just going with it not really worrying about much right now.
everything of these pictures reminds me of how i'm feeling right now, peaceful calm, at ease with myself,  shit is strangely out of place and i think thats ok.

dripping through life.

i wanna watch night skies like this with you

Being herself and accepting she's different

i sort of think maybe i'm learning more about myself, i'm also realizing this through my fashion choices, i think i'm riskier when i feel better and strangely enough i take notice.
when i look weird i feel better aha
i think i worry to much about things and i'm jut gunna stop and see what happens.

S.O Fashion


  1. I find your perspective on life to be really intriguing. Now i have a question for you. If you can ask the top CEO in fashion one question about life, what would it be?

  2. i think i'd ask them if this life is as fulfilling as we want it to be, i feel as though i'd ask them one of those questions that would linger on and they'd have to talk for hours just to even scratch the surface of what i want to know. what is the purpose of life ? is it to find love ? be successful ? lead a balance life ? how do we figure it all out . i think that's what i'd ask them but they'd probably tell me that it can't be solved so i'd re-word my question and ask them how do we try and figure it out .
    thanks for the question fresh insight is always lovely.
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