NAture me Crazyyy.

Alright so this past weekend i partied my face off and had a blast.
but then i came home and i wasn't partying anymore.
it made me think that i could actually be doing something productive.
hmm, vodka + orange = fun but there are so many fun things too.
i wanna go camping, i wanna paint , and be artsy and creative again.
my source of inspiration wilted away with the flowers and seeing as its spring i want to bounce back into my old action,
Drawing , Painting, Sketching ,Sewing , Designing, Learning and sure maybe i'll throw in a little vodka but all under moderation i suppose aha.
OK well there is something very strange about me ... the thing about me is, you don't really know me until you've been in my room and fully have taken a look around. my room is the world's greatest haven where i literally escape from the world and just be myself, and just looking at it you can see different sides of my personality shining.
this picture reminds me of what my room feels like- a fort.

if i lied in my bed would you join me ? we could spend all day sitting just like this, up close and hiding beneath the sheets hiding from everything that's knocking at our door.

i wanna be a hippie-ster like her i think the deco on her eye looks brilliant and unlike the fuckers in the world she has  something that'll probably uplift others when they see her, she looks free, like she's enjoying what the rest of us have forgotten about.

all right so as of right now i promise to try and be more artsy and not as lazy as i have been lately... so bad.
also i have been totally keeping up with my running !

approximately 5-6 times a week.
i hate it but i feel better knowing that i am running.

and on a final side note i just watched the virgin suicides and it was SO good i give it 5 stars and fully recommend it to everyone and anyone it's really quite an exceptional film
sorry i love this still life and thought you should enjoy it, form of art that is slightly under-rated, i love that it's clean and there isn't so much bullshit its straight forward.

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