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No shave November not just for men? What ?

No shave November, Movember whatever you call it means the same thing, stylized beards and stylized mustaches. Whether it be big bushy beards, Gerard Butler scruff or mustaches inspired by the chef from Ariel, you’ll be sure to see an excess of facial hair any which way you look.
            But what about the girls … what do we do this month while all the boys and their beards get the attention?
Do we just sit like the lovely women we are and do nothing? Well YOU can if you want but me I refuse.
I want to join in on the fun. I want to get to partake in this month where everyone unites and does something together- like a team.
So from this year on I will be starting my own and new November tradition. From now on I will be wearing lipstick everyday of the eleventh month. Yes lipstick! I will try and wear a new colour everyday however I do not have 30 colours so I will have to double up on a few shades. It seems like nowadays no girls ever wear lipstick anymore, it’s a fashion trend that seems to have died. Why though?
            It truly is an accessory, a splash or pop of colour to an outfit without having to really buy anything too expensive. Low end lipstick retails for about nine dollars a tube. It lasts for what seems forever , because lets face it how many women have lipstick containers that seem old and half used - a lot.
The thing about lipstick is you sort of have to take care of it. You have to apply lip liner that is either clear or matches the lipsticks color’ and on top of that you have to re apply because well you don’t want the colour to be stronger in certain parts as opposed to others.
A tip before lipstick application is to exfoliate lips, this ensures that the lipstick is dispersed evenly upon lips; this will also make lips look plumper and rid lips of any flakes. Before you apply your lipstick make sure you apply lip liner or else your lipstick will bleed through little crevices that transition your lips to the surrounding skin.
When looking for the right lipstick hue and shade make sure you consider things such as the color of your teeth and the color of your skin. Dark skin tones should go with bold brights, not light colors. Light skin tones should look for colours with light shades and orangey reds. Olive skin tones have quite a lot of freedom and are welcome to choose any colors.
However I come to next point, teeth coloring. Yes I’m serious. Yellow teeth.. not hot. But there really is a solution!
Some, a lot, of lipsticks even glosses have these beautiful things called blue undertones that help make your teeth look whiter. So when you look at the lipstick you should be able to see little hints of blues.
            So next time, when you’re looking for a lipstick that suits you make sure you consider a few of the elements mentioned above; it really will save you from making any fashion don’ts.

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