Lipstick Challenge Day 07

Alright so yea I'm doing two posts in one day because i'm a failure.
so todays lipstick is a subtle sparkly rose gold, its nice. i totally took it form my mom because i wanted it and because it doesn't Really suit her skin tone ( she's tanned and should wear purples).
so i love this lipstick it smells like a sugary fruit salad and is like a subtle baby pink with a hint of coral. it goes on smooth and super moisturizes, none of that awkward sticky feel ! yay!
and it's a happy color because it made me want t put on a pretty gold eye shadow on my lids !
it's good peer pressure in a tube !

Avon: Sparkling Warm Rose 
and the gold i'm wearing on my eyes (not shown above) is by Benefit, i tried looking for it on their website but it doesn't appear to be there . Booo.
i also used Victoria Secret Beauty Rush Liquid Glitter Liner in Gold Crush.

S.O Fashion

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