String around my finger: Abstract thought.

Ready for a mind fuck ? cause this is about to get confusing.

Clothes that make girls want to take off boys clothes...
Hopefully i get a  good male response from this one ; )

Alright Post of the Day
so i am now in "post secondary " and well lets face it as teennagers/ young adults we party and we're looking for a mate and to mate.

Problem: in the midst of checking out the people who compose the fanshawe universe i have noticed that i can't find any beautiful / beautifully dressed boys.
When looking for a guy it's only natural that we look at how they're dressed. here's the thing, people have their own personal tastes right ? each of us like something different.
The thing is when i look at you i want to be able to sort of understand the type of person you are.
but if you dress mixed between 100 different styles and tastes i'll never know and probably be completely overwhelmed.

this is not to say be a stereo type but if you figure out who you are and give it a twist it'll be easier for girls to understand whether or not they want to ... be your mate. hahahah

Certain things every boy should have in his closet.
A white v-neck: hot, makes us wonder what your body's like.
Dark Wash jeans: they flatter everyone.
Boxer Briefs: enhance and complement. (Note: Mark wahlberg for CK)
Black Belt: no Jersey Shore buckle necessary.
Plain Sweater: A basic all these things go together.
Fly SHOES: please don't wear your gym shoes anywhere but to work out, cause we might throw up all over them .

Dear Boys : not sure if you realize but if you dress nice it kind of makes you look good. and well makes us want to take your clothes off.
Summary: just look Dashing ok?

S.O fashion

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