Lipstick Challenge Day 03

Alright break down of my life right now: went to bed last night or this morning at 4AM finishing an assignment it sucked , especially because i was up at 6:25 to get really for 7:45 class. Complete shit .. it's true :(

However my assignment is partially done and i am pleased with it thus far.
got dressed this morning felt/feel weird today a little sick and like i just look at how clothes look today and i want to throw up haha
i think my calves are growing bigger.. weird.

Wore a grey tank and black cardigan , somber colours, similar to my energy levels.
well chose a colour a little randomly today. and i LOVE it!
it's a deep red with hints of purple. o love o love.
so it went on so smooth and feels like chapstick. and i thought it would come off during the day.. didn't it has been on for what seems like forever and when it started to fade a little it didn't do the awkward bleeding into lip crevices thing, so in a nutshell i'm really happy. *Thumbs up*
I look mildly crazy in this picture ahah
Maybelline Moisture Extreme
Cherry Brown

S.O Fashion

Note: "String around my finger" post to be posted tonight 
Re-Note: Happy Birthday Roomie !

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