lipstick challenge Day 012

Alright so today i am going home for like a day and a half to work . boo.
but mama is taking me shopping yesssss. it's been far too long .
i'm getting turned on at the mere thought of new things in my closet !
however a darling friend of mine told me that she liked my lipstick idea however she was too nervous to try it on her own , and she was scared it wouldn't look good on her so i told her to try something not so strong first.
tinted lipchap, lip stain, lipstick.
That's the way to do it.
so just for SJ i decided i would show her that it isn't really as bad as you may think !
Just try : )
ps i look bananas in my photo.

NIVEA fruity shine.
smells So Nice
Strawberries yum

S.O Fashion

1 comment:

  1. you are a beautiful banana
    ( i don't think you meant you looked like a banana but....)