The BIggest Fantasy i've ever had

Fantasy Fulfilled For Upcoming Seasons

So I have a bit of a secret fantasy, I’ve had it for the longest time too. I think everyone sort of has this fantasy; whether it’s the exact same one or a variation- no it’s not sexual so get your heads out of the gutters.
            Since the release of Twilight, Vampires have been the new “it-thing”. Edward Cullen and his long list of smoking male cast mates have lit up the screens with abs, biceps and pecs. Not that I’ve heard any women complain but isn’t it time for something new?
If you deny never having thought about being a spy you’re a liar- sorry. There’s just no way you can’t think about being involved in one of the coolest professions. Missions, muscles, lies and guns- how is that not desirable?
The reason why I’m confessing my ever long love of spies is because I’m getting a feeling, and hoping of course, that they’ll make a comeback.
            All spy love begins the same way, books: the love of a spy woo-ing a female protagonist or the admiration of a power-driven spy taking down evil men. From whichever angle you look at it they’re just awesome- simple as that.
            Fortunately we have been seeing uproar in spy films and television shows.
The list ranges from Angelina Jolie in Salt to the new hit TV show Nikita. These characters are showing us that they’re here to prolong this upcoming spy movement.
Whether it be the full length of a TV show or an open ending for Salt; the possibilities are endless for what’s to come.
            Seeing as this is a fashion article I suppose I should somehow tie it in with fashion. Well visiting my hometown for the weekend I was pleased to see my monthly fashion magazine was delivered on time. What was even better was after slowly peeling back the pages I found a complete photo shoot based on a new wave of power women.
            These outfits were not based on the classic power suits, and the over bearing, attention grabbing shoulder pads they were based on leather and sex.
It’s quite a funny thing, our role models always telling us to be thoughtful of what we wear so that people recognize our minds and not our bodies. Well, that wasn’t the case in this photo shoot. The inspiration was clear and defined- spy.
            Whether the model was seen upside down hanging from a cable with a gun holster around her leg and razor sharp hair cut , or whether she was seen leaning up against a posh car with a mysterious briefcase everything screamed SPY, SPY, SPY!
            The photo shoot really allowed women to look forward to sexy clothes. Leather bustiers, and tight pencil skirts with heels. Fitted jackets and sleek tailoring. There is promise in the air that women’s’ clothing will take a certain edge and truly allow us to try and push the limits of sex within our wardrobe.
            Just make sure you don’t cross the line, because trust me it’s a very fine one.
So Sexyyy.

aka if i was a spy, that is how i would dress.

S.O Fashion 

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