Lipstick Challenge Day 08

Alright so today is the worst day of my life.
not of my life but a really bad day.
nonetheless though i went grocery shopping and went to shoppers with the worlds greatest roommate who is beautiful and awesome and i love her.
well today felt like a fall day so i decided to wear a cinnamon spice colour  : )
makes me feel all warm and now i want pumpkin pie !
mmmmm yess

so the shade i am wearing is really smooth but comes off a little fast. i drank a delicious peppermint mocha from SBucks and my lipstick was nowhere to be found by the end of it . crap.
so here is the lipstick re applied- love the colour but it doesn't last.
p.S: i am wearing clothes.
Benefit : Hug it out.

S.O Fashion

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