Lipstick Challenge Day 05

                 Alright so for some unknown reason my computer was being a douche and would not let me post anything.. yes huge piss off.
Today was a trickier day because well i woke up at 7:40 and i booked it to class. i literally cant believe what i was wearing and how gross i looked but none the less i made it.
the whole entire day sucked.
              and i was even more furious because i didn't have time to put on lipstick - HUGE FAIL. then on top of everything i came "home" and slept from 1 until 6 -EVEN bigger FAIL.
best nap ever but i couldn't get to sleep.

but when i woke up i went straight to my "Vanity" and put my lipstick on. this is the newest.
However it's not really considered a "lipstick" its a lip stain but its in stick form so that too shall pass.
Its a hot hot pink that is Barbie bright !

S.O Fashion

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