Lipstick Challenge Day 011

So today is Remembrance day woot !
unfortunately i sort of forgot this morning so unfortunately i didnt wear red lipstick like i would have liked too .Boo.
but nonetheless it was a good day, kind of ?
sewing was crap cause i totally messed something up.
the gym sucked i did my work out so quick, aka i'm too strong ahah
i need new workouts so if anybody knows any please let me know .
however since this about Lipstick...
alright today was a bizarre lipstick day. you'll see why.

Brown yes velvety chocolate brown .

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick
Choco- liscious.

Decent lasting time. hydrated really well which i think helped the lipstick stay on longer. didn't crease awkward or anything pretty nice. slightly a difficult color to wear comfortably. felt to weird for everyday.  however i just convinced myself that it was a deep purple. made me feel better ahah.

S.O Fashion


  1. So when are you gonna try black or blue lipstick?? :P

    xoxo - karen k

  2. Well if thats a challenge i'm happy to rise to the occasion, Yet to be posted black or blue lipstick !