Lipstick Challenge Day 02

Alright , Day 02 of the Lipstick Challenge.
Well woke up at 7:25 this morning and am completely exhausted .. almost didn't get my ass up for class.
But the righteousness made me.
however took me forever to choose what i wanted to wear which made it even harder to choose a lipstick last minute.
However i chose a Deep Lavender that i think goes well with what I am currently wearing. So applied my lipstick before i left and today i chose to wear a Maybelline lipstick. it went on so smooth and really hydrates at the same time. there were some great colours to chose from... unusual but neat colors none the less.
In the photo its hard to really see the color of the lipstick but trust me its pretty noticeable in real life.
This is the color on... like i said doesn't photograph well :(
awkward picture but if i was to hold my lips up to the screen this is the same color as my lips .. daring -it's true.

The true color name of the lipstick is :
Maybelline 445 "On the Mauve"

Happy kissing

S.O Fashion

1 comment:

  1. i love your challenge! its true, not many people wear lipstick.
    ill join you in the lipstick, of course this will be easy since i do not leave the house unless i have lipstick with me! but ill switch up the colors now :) love your blog!